Android Development

The Android operating system has become the world’s best-selling smart-phone platform

As of December 2010 there were about 200,000 games, applications and widgets available on the Android Market, with an estimated 2.5 billion total downloads.

Interested in developing for Android? The first question that you need to ask is why Android and not other platforms?

Android Market Share

While iOS currently has more users, in Europe and the US, the number of Android phones sold every day is larger than that of any other mobile phone operating system.  Moreover the number of Android phones sold in those regions keeps growing. Unless something surprising upsets this trend, then Android is going to be the platform with most users in the future.

Android Open Source

Another great- advantage of Android over similar platforms is the fact that Android is open source. This means that no industry player will be able to restrict it’s development or enforce changes that could have a negative on your application.

Android Apps Distribution

Apps for Android are distributed using Android Market. This in itself  is another good reason to develop for Android.

Unlike Apple’s app store where you have to wait weeks for apps  to be approved, the review and approval processes of Android Market are very fast and the costs are considerably less.

Take inspiration by checking out some of the thousands of apps available at

Java programming language

iPhone apps are built using Objective C, a programming language that was invented by Apple. However if you want to develop apps for Android the only thing that you need to know is Java and Android API for Java. Java is a very powerful programming language that has been around for over 15 years. There is a wealth of information related to it and a very large number of developers who have experience with it.

Some Android Apps we are currently developing

KCO Android Apps

The Development Process

1. Talking!

At KCO, talking is free. Before we begin anything, we will sit down with you and discuss your requirements in detail. It is an invaluable step for us in ensuring we provide the most appropriate and efficient solutions possible.

2. Costing & Analysis

At KCO, we pride ourselves on being able to accurately assess the development time required for each of our projects. After our initial discussion we will revert to you with a detailed proposal. It will include an analysis of your requirements, a timetable for development and an overall project cost.

3. WireFrame & Navigation

We will then develop a series of Wire Frames. These will allow us to examine the structure, layout, and functionality of each of the required screens. WireFrames will also give us a clear indication of the user’s experience, allowing us to streamline the process and help determine any potential user interface issues.

4. Design

We will then apply an overall style to the wire frames, implementing a comprehensive overall guide to include aesthetics such as colour schemes, logos, typestyles images, etc…

5. Development

The Android App will be developed using Java and Android API for Java. 

Our programmers will create each interface and functionality so as the App behaves in the manner expected (as per the proposal).
During this time a KCO project manager will be in weekly communication with all parties with a summary of progress.

6. Testing

It is essential that the App is given rigorous and robust testing to ensure  it is working to 100% capability. We will also take this opportunity to cross-check any potential risk issues.
During this process we will load ‘test versions’ onto nominated handsets to test and review.

7. Approval & Launch

The final stage will be to submit the App version to Android Market for approval and to then distribute.

Further Reading

We have a number of Android applications in development. Keep an eye on our blog for launch news.

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