iPad Development

With over 19 million iPad’s sold (within a 12 month period) the iPad has backed up the pre-launch buzz with impressive sales.

3 Reasons you should consider an iPad App?

1. Step outside the box:

The iPad offers the opportunity to step out-side the normal conventions of design. The sky really is the limit in its offering for high-design, functionally and performance. Ideal for catalogue/magazines formats, high content, and utility offerings.

2. Stay a step ahead of your competitors:

When the iPad launched few could imagine it would be as successful as it is today. Many businesses where slow to embrace this new technology and are now playing catch-up.

In 2011 it is expected that Apple’s iPad will take 83% of the tablet computing market share.

80% of the Fortune 500 companies are deploying or piloting iPad’s and/or iPad Apps as part of their B2B & B2C operations.

3. iPad Apps offer revenue:

App’s also offer an additional revenue stream for your business either through direct payments (paid app), advertising or sales.

A selection of iPad applications we have recently developed:

The Patron Group

A highly functional, mobile service application allowing remote engineers to directly and immediately connect with the main Patron database. Read more

iPad Remicade


This interactive app provides the MSD Remicade saleforce with a comprehensive overview of their treatments for Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Read more

Bored.ie (In Development)

Bored? Then look no further than this one stop shop for all your entertainment needs!

The John Player Retail Aid

With an emphasis on animation and branding, we delivered an internal training and retail aid that is both informative and fun to use. Read more



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